Girona, Dalí and Le Motel Restaurant

A few days ago our booking department received an email like this:

Dali“Dear Abel,

I just wanted to thank you for giving my parents and me one of the greatest days we have had in years. The tour you gave was truly an amazing and memorable experience for us, and I know that it will go down in the books as one of the “great events” we recall in the future. I spoke with my mom, and she suggested the I send along the web address for my blog in case you wanted to read it. You are mentioned in the post entitled “Cheese! : Girona, Dalí, and Le Motel Restaurant” if you want to take a look.

Thanks again,

Sarah Milby “

We met Abel in front of our hotel and got in our car for Girona. It was refreshing to be going on a day trip outside of the city with such a knowledgeable Catalonian. While driving, I had a re-crash course of Spanish history that I had forgotten from my walking tour the day before. So now I can say that I’ve actually learned about Barcelona as it fulfills its Spanish and Catalonian identities, which are surprisingly more similar that I had anticipated after my Comp. Gov. lecture yesterday.‘“[…]

[…]We then were led through small streets, gardens, and the local cathedral. I was so happy to not have to look at a map, to not to have to gain consensus among many people, to not worry about anything besides what Abel took me and my family to. It was so relaxing to just walk and learn without a crowd. I think this was my favorite part about traveling: knowing that I have nothing else to do besides relaxing, thinking, and wandering…

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CHEESE! : Girona, Dalí, and Le Motel Restaurant 

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